Wendy Mackay, EFT Gold Coast

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Are you feeling stuck or wondering which direction to take in life? Maybe you are not feeling fulfilled or wondering what your purpose is. Perhaps you have some issues that you’ve been feeling burdened by, or have been holding you back in life, whether it be recent or from childhood. Gold Coast EFT Tapping

What if you could feel empowered and happy and relieved of what is keeping you stuck? What would your life look like if you were free of those negative things that are holding you back, however they've shown up in your life?

I use Energy Psychology Techniques, such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT known as 'tapping') or Matrix Reimprinting (MR), which can quickly and gently pinpoint core issues in your subconscious, and release emotions from your body.

I love to teach my clients 'tapping' so they can take it home and use it for themselves whenever they need to. We can go deeper in session using Matrix Reimprinting, which is a very gentle and highly effective technique.

I view us all as equal beings with differing experiences and beliefs who may from time to time need some assistance in finding our way to being our authentic self, one who we respect and love, and who can look forward to what the future holds. Sometimes it's challenging to love ourselves or to truly be happy because of what we’ve experienced in our lives or because of some of the beliefs that we have formed.

Some of our beliefs are hidden in our subconscious and we're not aware we have them, but they can show up as sabotaging behaviour or patterns that we use. Sometimes the beliefs see us travelling along a path that we don’t really want to be on.
Wendy Mackay EFT Gold Coast
I am passionate about helping you find where you need to be, and am guided by the Energy Psychology techniques I use and my intuition. I would love to help you whether by meeting for sessions online, face to face or by phone. My practice is based at my home on the Gold Coast which gives me flexibility with times to book your session. Workshops are also conducted from my home throughout the year in small groups.