Wendy Mackay, EFT Gold Coast

I grew up in South East Queensland in a subtropical climate and I live on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, close to the beach. I am so grateful I live in such a beautiful place.

I've always been an observer of people, even as a young child. My journey into psychology was fuelled by my curiosity about why people behave the way they do, and a thirst for knowledge. I shall never stop learning, and love to learn and explore new things, whether it be about self help or therapy tools, or about countries and cultures to explore. I spent several years living overseas and travelling to various destinations. I love to meet new people and hear about their life and experiences and interests. I just find people fascinating.
Gold Coast Energy Psychologist, Wendy Mackay
I began my early career as a Registered Nurse and then later completed training to become a Registered Midwife. I loved my career and the opportunities I had in the locations I visited, and the wonderful people I met, however I wanted to explore human behaviour and become a practitioner in my own right.

I completed a Bachelor of Psychology at Griffith University on the Gold Coast and then completed a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at Bond University on the Gold Coast. I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, aka 'Tapping') in 2012 when I was completing my studies by my then supervisor, Dr Peta Stapleton, an internationally recognised researcher of EFT, and had the opportunity to facilitate and assist with some group programs and research with EFT she was conducting.

I began in private practice as a psychologist, and integrated EFT with other modalities and started seeing wonderful changes with clients. I threw myself into learning and practising all I could about EFT. I felt that there was still a missing piece to the puzzle because of my own challenges with a traumatic memory from childhood that had surfaced that I didn't even know was there, (buried in my subconscious) and I struggled to resolve it completely. Yep, therapists have their own stuff to deal with too!
Energy Therapy, Gold Coast
Then I discovered an extended modality of EFT, called Matrix Reimprinting (MR), which I learnt all I could about, and regularly attended workshops conducted by Caroline Dawson, the Australian and internationally recognised trainer for MR, and practiced it. I volunteered to be the client in a training demonstration and I experienced the release of the trauma and the freeze. It was unbelievable! From that moment I realised that I had to share this with my clients and help them to heal, as I had worked with so many clients that had experienced trauma and/or emotionally distressing situations. So that's what I've been doing with MR for the past five years or so. I've noticed some amazing changes with clients and found it to be a very gentle technique that has allowed my clients relief from the trauma without having to relive the trauma.

More recently I have travelled to the UK to attend further training in EFT 3 and Matrix Reimprinting by Karl Dawson, the creator and internationally recognised expert of Matrix Reimprinting. I continue to participate in refresher workshops and new workshops and love to continue to learn.

In my spare time I catch up with friends and family, spend time at the beach, go for walks, exercise, go to live entertainment, and potter in my garden. I'm also an avid reader and love nothing better than immersing myself in a good novel. Last but not least, a dog lover who will hopefully have another four legged companion in the future.