Wendy Mackay, EFT Gold Coast

I am a Clinical and Energy Psychologist, practitioner and teacher, coming from a place of passion and compassion, providing energy healing with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT aka 'tapping') and Matrix Reimprinting (MR).

I am also guided by my own strong intuition and get a sense of where we need to go. I am grateful I can help people with their journey and witness their transformation.

We can use the techniques in therapy sessions just as effectively online as we do face to face, so distance is not a barrier to experiencing these healing techniques. Sessions are usually an hour, however please allow an hour and a half for our initial session.

EFT Tapping Therapy Gold Coast, Queensland

I can assist adults with many issues including:

  • Life Direction
  • Weight and Cravings
  • Stress
  • Birth - pre & post
  • Anxiety
  • Health
  • Grief
  • Money
  • Trauma – PTSD
  • Sports Performance
  • Phobias
  • Business Results
  • Relationship Issues